Eaves - 'What Green Feels Like'


After receiving a huge amount of acclaim for his single releases throughout this year, Leeds-based singer-songwriter Eaves has wasted no time in delivering his debut studio album 'What Green Feels Like'. With a transcendent voice and rich tapestry of instrumentation, the Eaves' sound is something you don't forget in a hurry and this first outing on a full-length record shows exactly how versatile he is as an artist.

Coupling the classic folk sound with a modern indie-rock twist gives the impression that Eaves is a full band with all the multiplied years of experience that go with it. But being just one man with youth on his side, he has managed to create an album that shows an abundance of wisdom far beyond his years and conceived one of the most mystical and engaging albums of the year so far. The beauty and harmony within his voice and arrangement give the impression he has been doing this for decades, and has resulted in an album that shows off his effortless talents from beginning to end.

While he has already been impressing many with his singles 'Pylons' and 'Timber', 'What Green Feels Like' is another level entirely. It's diversity and mixture of influences give it a multifaceted approach that very few have comes close to in the past.

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