Everything Everything - 'Mountainhead'


Throughout their tenure, Everything Everything have always looked to bridge the gap between a commercial and experimental aesthetic. While much of their material to date has explored this broad and unconventional direction, they have still managed to hold onto a mainstream appeal, giving them this wildly immersive sound that seems to resonant with nearly all who hear it. And after the quickfire releases of 'Re-Animator' and 'Raw Data Feel' in recent years, they are back once again with their seventh studio album 'Mountainhead', a record that feels safer than their more recent releases.

Throughout these last few years, Everything Everything have been pushing the allure of their sound as far as it will go, regularly adopting a sprawling and atmospheric sound to keep their style as fresh as possible. But for 'Mountainhead', they seem to be going back to basics and delivering something a bit more familiar to their origins. Honing more of the indie-rock elements they first emerged with, this new outing is a firm reminder of who they first arrived as, a blossoming and original name to admire.

While there isn't as much punch and vigour to their work this time around, 'Mountainhead' still manages to find and explore a wide range of textures to unveil a truly enjoyable full-length. Another strong return from one of the UK's more distinctive additions.

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