FKA Twigs - 'LP1'


As the sound of ethereal RnB truly makes its mark of the sound of the year, the genre has still managed to find room for another stand-out artist to join its critically acclaimed ranks. Singer and producer FKA Twigs has been on the peripheries of the scene for a number of years now. Her first two EPs gathered huge praise and comparisons to a number of contemporary acts such as BANKS and Lorde, but now the artist delivers her first studio album and certainly looks to arrive on the world's stage with an almighty bang.

FKA Twigs certainly comes with a certain preconception of what you would expect from her. Her discography to date has all been released through the ever-evolving and groundbreaking Young Turks label, earning her instant kudos from the musically critical and raising the bar of what the fans of the label would expect. Luckily for her, 'LP1' is one of the most brilliant records of the year and sets a new level in which others should look to achieve. Her effortlessly stunning voice, mixed with minimal production produces such a glorious combination of sound, it doesn't take long before you find yourself submerged in her music and lay hypnotised by it.

She's been the hot ticket for some time now and with a debut album this good, I'd have to say rightly so. It's an ever-flowing and beautifully conceived release that never falters and yet still manages to offer surprises after every track.

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