Flying Lotus - 'You're Dead'


It is great to hear a new Flying Lotus album once again. Since the project's inception, producer Steven Ellison has done nothing but push the boundaries of electronic music in a way that most people would have never imagined. But what is most fascinating about this new release is not the superb collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and Herbie Hancock or its long-winding adventures into the depth's of musical experimentation, its the fact that this isn't really an electronic album.

Since he released his debut record '1983' back in 2006, electronic experimentation has been the key to Flying Lotus' success, but 'You're Dead' is a far more analogue piece of production, opting more for live instrumentation that gives the album a extremely jazz-like feel. While it is 19-tracks long, most of them never even reach the two-minute mark, making the album feel more like a sampler than a finished work but in the end, gives us a retrospective idea at what this producer has tried to achieve by giving us small bursts of music that both intrigue and mystify.

It is most certainly an album for his hardcore fanbase as I don't think there is enough here to really win him any new supporters, but will serve as a great accompaniment to his already extremely diverse back-catalogue and still displays that irreverent magic we have come to expect from him.

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