Foy Vance - 'Signs Of Life'


Ever since he first emerged back in the early 2000s with a string of enticing EP releases, Irish singer and songwriter Foy Vance has always been one to pursue a more euphoric and soaring aesthetic within his folk-pop sound. Skirting the rims of what the commercial side of the scene is doing at all times, he has managed to develop a direction that is both comforting and adventurous in equal measure, giving him a reputation for more compelling compositions. And now after a few years away, he returns with his fourth official full-length 'Signs Of Life', a record that continues that vibrant streak.

In 2019, Vance released the two companion collections 'In Memphis' and 'From Muscle Shoals', both of which saw his explore the influences behind his roots and deliver a more self-reflective version of himself. And those years digging through his archives clearly had a positive affect on his direction as 'Signs Of Life' sees a more humbled and driven artist at the helm. While still maintaining the same fresh and distinctive tones of his previous work, this new LP showcases a confidence and proficiency we rarely see in today's mainstream, delivering a body of material that looks to capture your heart and soul throughout.

While there remains the odd soft addition in here, 'Signs Of Life' is largely a full-length in search of the bigger and more emotionally-charged moments. Each track has this smooth and supple texture running through it, creating an inviting and shimmering release, brimming with rich and uplifting tones throughout.

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