Getting To Know... Rob Hollow

Following on from the release of his brilliant debut single 'Mad' last year, fast-rising Illinois-based rapper Rob Hollow has now returned with his latest anthem 'Legendary'.

Teaming up with Birmingham-based beatmaker Milodrama (Yxngxr1) for the release, 'Legendary' makes for a fresh and dynamic return for the emerging artist. With a superb flow and killer beats running throughout, it feels like he is fast on the way to becoming one of the next big names on the scene.

So with the new single doing the rounds, we sat down with him to find out more about his background and what has inspired him most over the years.


What was the first instrument you fell in love with?

I would have to say the guitar, I took up lessons when I was younger but never really stuck to it. Even now though I prefer guitar trap type beats the most.

What was the first song that inspired you to make your own music?

It was most likely "Apparently" by J. Cole. This song is such an inspiration for me and it's what made me fall in love with rap music.

What kind of music did you love as a teenager?

Funny enough my mom didn't even let me listen to much of anything but Radio Disney up until I was around 12 or so. Starting out in highschool I still didn't really listen to much rap, so I took to listening to bands like The Killers and pop artists like Michael Jackson. But during freshman year, I started listening to hip hop artists like Nelly. The music I loved most would likely be alternative rock though. The Killers were definitely a huge part of my teenage life.

What do you find is the best environment to find inspiration for your music?

Nowadays I go into my closet, turn off the light, turn on my interface, plug in my computer, and put my headphones on. The only light being my computer screen, I feel I'm the most focused and in my zone then.

Who are your favourite artists you have found yourself listening to at the moment?

J. Cole, Drake, The Kid Laroi, Roddy Ricch, Lil Durk, Jack Harlow, Kanye, Lil Tjay, Polo G, XXXtentacion, Juice Wrld. These are just some but I constantly keep my playlist updated.

How many of your songs have you written about people in your life?

I've lost count. The majority of my songs are about someone or multiple people in my life, good and bad.

What has been the most unusual moment in your career so far?

It really depends, at the time I'm a bit uneasy in my career because my cousin who has been the only one by my side supporting me since the day I started had a brain aneurysm and it just hasn't been the same since.

If you could open a show for anyone in the world, who would it be?

Probably Drake, because he's the biggest artist in the world right now in my opinion and he's a versatile artist I aspire to be like. Opening for him would likely give me the most exposure, because I think our fanbase would be very similar.

If you weren’t a musician, what other path do you think you might have taken?

No matter what happens to my rap career I still want to do something with music. Apparently I'm really good at mixing so I'd probably go into being a sound engineer and producing beats is my next step. But if that contradicts the question then I'd just be looking on Indeed for the best paying job I qualify for.

And what is the best piece of advice you have received as a musician?

"F*** what anybody say. Show the world how dope Rob Hollow is."


Rob Hollow's new single 'Legendary' is available to stream and download now. Have a listen to it in the player below.