Goldfrapp - 'Silver Eye'


After first emerging at the turn of the century, synthpop duo Goldfrapp were quite simply a hit factory. One great release after the next established them as one of the best British bands of the noughties, but after slowing down in their latter years, we are beginning to hear less and less of them. Returning after four years, the pair are back with their seventh studio album 'Silver Eye', which certainly sees them make a return to form.

While the electro-pop scene may not be the commercial freight train it once was, Goldfrapp have never been the ones to shy away from their core sound, delivering another collection of force-filled anthems that see them take on a more industrial edge this time around. Opening up with the single 'Anymore' gives you an instant idea of what to expect on this new full-length, namely jarred electronics and stomping beats throughout.

Unlike some of their more recent releases, 'Silver Eye' doesn't really stray too much from its initial sound. The band's soft-spot for long, drawn-out soundscapes are still layered in that same pulsing rhythm, creating a very cohesive record that matches the quality of what we first heard from them all those years ago.

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