Gulp - 'Season Sun'


With Super Furry Animals members fully immersing themselves in side-project mode, the band's charismatic bassist Guto Pryce has teamed up with vocalist Lindsey Leven to form Gulp, a blissful and calming group setting out on a journey of psychedelic wonderment or something to that effect. Their material so far has been a light-hearted and subdued approach to pop music, but now with a debut album ready to showcase the sound that they have been working on all this time, Gulp are looking to show themselves as more than just a short-term effort.

'Season Sun' is a wonderfully diverse record that seems to take inspiration from many different areas. Sounding like a Nancy Sinatra covers band with Emerson, Lake & Palmer members, Gulp have this intoxicating sound that looks to relax as well as draw you in. Much of the album is a slowly paced affair as Leven's vocals float over it like words on the wind, but you are never too far from a jarring keyboard that brings the record to life and prevents it from falling too far into its own sleepy tones.

Although this is only suppose to be a one album project, this band clearly have the sound of a group that has been playing for years. They have a cohesive direction that never falters and play with such glorious intent you'll be wishing to hear more by the time the record ends.

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