Hayden Everett - 'I Miss The Sky'


Over these last few years, US singer-songwriter Hayden Everett has been cultivating a beautifully riveting sound for himself. Inspired largely by the beautifully scenery that has filled his life since he first emerged, he has always looked to soundtrack the more emotive moments in the human experience. And after continuing to find enormous praise for his recent collection 'Silver Line', he returns to the fold once again with his newest EP 'I Miss The Sky', a release that broadens that tender direction he is known for.

While very much keeping akin to the vibrant and lofty aura we know him for, 'I Miss The Sky' sees him spread his creative wings and adopt a more diverse appeal this time around. While still maintaining that provocative indie-folk aesthetic at its core, this new six-track outing sees him explore far more stripped-back ballads and humbled songwriting this time around. With his inviting presence still the focal point of every track here, its production is a far more varied affair that pursues a more eclectic feel as it plays.

His repertoire has always captured some beautifully emotive tones over the years, but 'I Miss The Sky' feels like his most passionate project yet. Oozing with this rich and progressive nature from start to finish, Hayden Everett continues to find and develop new ideas in which to call his own.

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