Honey Moon - 'Same Old Paradise'


Over the last few years, UK-based outfit Honey Moon have built up quite the reputation for themselves. With countless outlets and even the legendary Elton John signing them off as one of the next big things, the band have been moving from strength to strength with every EP and single release so far. But now moving towards the next vital step within their musical evolution, they deliver their eagerly-awaited debut album 'Same Old Paradise', a record that looks to explore more of their retrospective influences throughout.

With almost every song they have delivered up until now, there has always been this strong 60s-inspired direction running through them. Whether it is a more soulful aura that conjures classic Motown gems, or even some surf-rock exploration in line with heyday Beach Boys, Honey Moon have always looked to bring that nostalgic energy to their newest material. So it is no surprise that 'Same Old Paradise' is jam-packed with these warm yet vibrant ditties that see them venture down this shimmering road, making for a fun and uplifting listen.

While the trio don't spend too much time overthinking where to take their sound next or pursuing more adventurous angles, 'Same Old Paradise' still makes for a strong and confident introduction to their aesthetic. Keeping the vibes and energy high as often as possible, it has a beautifully endearing quality that makes up for some of its more unmemorable moments.

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