HONNE - ‘Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do?’


Since the release of their much-loved 2018 LP 'Love Me / Love Me Not', HONNE have found themselves in a productive state of affairs. While the duo have been reluctant to release a new studio album in recent years, they have been extremely busy with a flurry of other releases, including last year's mixtape 'No Song Without You', which saw them pursue a broader and more adventurous sound. But it feels that all that experimentation has been good for their creative spirit as they return with their third full-length ‘Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do?’, a record that shows them in a far more inventive light.

While HONNE have focused themselves on a smooth and vibrant alt-pop direction ever since they first form, there is something distinctly different about this new collection. Rather than find themselves playing catch-up to their contemporaries of the moment, they aim to deliver a far more diverse and eclectic direction than previously alluded to. With the aid of guest artists NIKI, Pink Sweat$, Griff, and Khalid, the duo are bringing this bolder and richer dynamic to their sound, something that pulls away from their staple style and into a more intrinsic and shimmering aesthetic.

It may have come off the back of a wave of inspiration, but ‘Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do?’ is certainly a brave and captivating step forward for the group. Keeping their sound tight and enjoyable throughout, they are giving us a firm example of how pop music in 2021 should be done.

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