How To Dress Well - 'I Am Toward You'


Despite being one of the more innovative and adventurous names on the scene during the first decade of his tenure, Tom Krell's How To Dress Well's sudden departure from new music was quite a surprise. Having spent much of the previous years delivering a wealth of riveting releases, he suddenly vanished from our sights, spending much of his time finishing his PhD in philosophy. But now he returns to the fold with his long-awaited sixth studio album 'I Am Toward You', a record rekindling that magical spark once again.

Much like what his initial output showed us, 'I Am Toward You' instantly sets itself up as an unpredictable and immersive listen. With its warm and ethereal atmosphere balanced perfectly against his wondrous vocal style at every turn, this new collection sees him return to the fold in fine form throughout. Creating some beautifully spellbinding textures that build and crest throughout, How To Dress Well reintroduces himself as a more ambitious and exhilarating entity this time around.

While six years is quite a long time for any artist to get back on the grind confidently, 'I Am Toward You' almost feels like he never left us. Picking up the same inventive spirit right from the off, Krell is renewed and revitalised across this enigmatic new offering.

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