IDA KUDO - 'Proud'


Throughout the last decade, Japanese-Danish artist IDA KUDO has set herself up as one of the more inventive names doing the rounds. While largely inspired by the contemporary sounds of Scandinavian pop, her Asian origins have always crept into her diverse aesthetic, giving her this brilliantly broad and immersive direction that has allowed her to fully stand out on today's new music landscape. And after returning last year with her vibrant comeback single 'The Power That Is Woman' last year, she cements her recent legacy with her progressive new EP 'Proud', a collection that pushes her sound forward once again.

Featuring some brilliantly infectious gems from the last few months including 'Let's Rewild The World' as well as its captivating title-track, this new five-track offering continues those effervescent endeavours that have remained a staple throughout her illustrious tenure to date. With its rich and shimmering pop production, set effortlessly to her own dynamic vocal performance from beginning to end, 'Proud' marks another vital entry in her ever-evolving catalogue of late, and establishes her place as one of the more adventurous names on the scene.

Managing to combine just enough experimental energy to keep the release fascinating without falling into self-indulgence, 'Proud' is a bright and bustling snapshot of her innovative ascent right now. Moving with this bold and elegant progression throughout, IDA KUDO continues to shine with this engaging new delight.

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