Jessie Ware - 'That! Feels Good!'


Like so many artists in her field, Jessie Ware first came to the public's attention as a voice for more established electronic artists of the time. The connection between her and the electronic world became a synergy that would launch her into the world-renowned singer she is today, with a who's-who of notable producers lending their expertise to her releases ever since. But for her latest outing, she has chosen to strip back the collaborative intentions in pursuit of a more personal direction as she returns with her fifth full-length 'That! Feels Good!', a record that feels far more connected to her own unique voice.

Teaming up with production juggernauts James Ford and Stuart Price for her latest studio album, 'That! Feels Good!' sees her revive the classic disco sound as if she were Donna Summer incarnate. Without having a smorgasbord of other names working the knobs behind the scenes, Ware is able to create a fully succinct release that projects far more of her own persona throughout. Breaking away from her formative shell, she is returning with one of her most confident and assured collections to date.

Jessie Ware has always been a strong and progressive name on the pop scene this last decade, but 'That! Feels Good!' feels like a bold step towards fulfilling the legendary status she has always been heading towards. Fresh and exciting at almost every turn, she has discovered a sound that suits her down to the ground, and will probably serve her incredibly well throughout the next ten years as well.

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