Jovi Skyler - 'Call It A Day'


When the Australian artist Jovi Skyler released his stunning debut album 'Nothing To Do' last year, it was the culmination of many years of grind and innovation. Cultivating a brilliantly bold and blistering punk-inspired aesthetic in which to call his own, the record brought him plenty of praise and acclaim, which have helped spearhead his run of releases since then. But now he looks to cement himself further into the scene with his latest EP 'Call It A Day', a collection brimming with more of that anthemic nature he is known for.

Much like what 'Nothing To Do' first highlighted, 'Call It A Day' seeks out the brighter and more euphoric edges of his sound. Delivering a flurry of four incredibly raw and driven offerings that look to build upon his revered foundations of late, Jovi Skyler finds himself in an incredibly fresh and inviting persona. Keeping the pace and energy of his newest EP as high as possible, he makes light work of these fun and catchy punk rock efforts, adding yet more vital ammunition to his already captivating catalogue to date.

Things have certainly been extremely busy for him these last few months, but 'Call It A Day' still manages to find and discover plenty of exciting ideas in which to pursue. With such a confident grasp over his direction once again, Jovi Skyler continues his ascent as one of the more enjoyable names on the rise right now.

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