Julia Holter - 'Something In The Room She Moves'


Throughout her sprawling tenure to date, Julia Holter has hardly been one to skirt the sidelines of her dynamic aesthetic. Always one to throw everything she has into creating a wildly admirable collection of songs has proven her calling card since she first began, moving with a subtle progression with almost everything she releases. And with now six years passed since her previous LP 'Aviary', she makes her long-awaited return to deliver the innovative new studio album 'Something In The Room She Moves', a record brimming with all the same adventurous spirit we love her for.

From the very start of this new offering, Holter looks to capture a broader and more illuminating appeal. Inviting this dense and euphoric atmosphere to spread across each of her newest works, 'Something In The Room She Moves' has this wonderfully diverse nature to it, while always fused to its core direction. It's this vibrant ability to create an eclectic body of material that still maintains a cohesive flow that has allowed her to stretch her musical wings further than before and unveil some truly spellbinding efforts here.

It may have arrived after an extended absence from the new music scene, but 'Something In The Room She Moves' proves Julia Holter is still riding a wave of creative brilliance. Moving with such effortless finesse throughout, she returns with one of her finer releases to date.

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