Khaïr - 'Arabic Wisdom'


After originally making his mark on the scene with his much-loved debut EP 'It's all about ... Rock'n'Roll' in 2021, French-Algerian artist Khaïr established himself as one of the more distinctive names on the rise. Blending his unique musical heritage with a more electric guitar-driven groove throughout, he quickly earned a reputation for fresh and innovative ideas within his growing catalogue. And with a few years passed to figure out his next move, he now returns with his sophomore EP 'Arabic Wisdom', a collection that doubles down on those inventive pursuits.

Much like his initial offering, 'Arabic Wisdom' is another strong and heady mix of diverse attitudes and aesthetics. Keeping the production trimmed back to a more minimal texture from start to finish, this new five-track effort makes for a brilliantly absorbing listen. The first two outings 'No 2 Racism' and its dynamic title-track serve as some of the more progressive moments on this new release, containing that eclectic and explorative nature he has been developing. Almost as if Joe Strummer were to front a North African-inspired outfit, Khaïr has this immersive punk identity to his presence here, making for some brilliantly riveting and adventurous ideas here.

He may have already cemented his place amongst some dynamic contemporaries over the years, but 'Arabic Wisdom' shows that they is still plenty of interesting avenues to explore within his sound. Confident and assured throughout, Khaïr continues to soar as a wonderfully unique persona doing the rounds today.

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