Kiings - 'WWYDF'


Collaboration albums can usually go one of two ways. They can either encourage the production side of the record to adapt to the vocal accompaniment of their collaborators, or they force the singer to work alongside their own direction. In the case of this debut album from US duo Kiings, it is the former, as the pair have challenged themselves to fit around and produce the perfect backdrop for each one of their partners.

'WWYDF', which stands for 'What Would You Die For', showcases the diversity in which these producers prefer to work. By adding vocalists from a mix of genders and ethnicities, Kiings have managed to create a multi-tonal sound that adds a distinctively American sound to an otherwise ethereal motive. Despite being generally an atmospherical album, the production focuses heavily on its percussion and synths, giving it an almost jarring sound that does't usually sit with this genre.

But despite its hard to embrace sound, 'WWYDF' does have its moments of laid-back joy and displays some interesting ideas from these two first-timers.

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