Libby Johnston - 'Libby'


When New York-based artist Libby Johnston released her breakthrough debut single 'Right Person, Wrong Time' last year, she was greeted as one of the more fascinating names to arrive on the alt-pop scene. With a distinctly emotive approach to songwriting, perfectly coupled with her tender vocal performance throughout, it quickly cemented her as one of the more exciting names on the rise. And with that release still very much pushing her ascent forward, she now returns with her spellbinding debut EP 'Libby', a release that looks to establish more of those riveting ideals.

Much like what her initial offering showed us, 'Libby' looks to add a more progressive and innovative approach to her unique direction. Brimming with more of that rich and tender aesthetic she has been cultivating for herself lately, this new five-track collection sees her grow into the vibrant name many expected of her early one. With this beautifully fun and lively pursuit that never lets up, these new offerings certainly look to make a serious mark on the new music scene.

Things may still be in their infancy for her, but 'Libby' showcases ideas and attitudes of an artist with many more years under her belt. Keeping the vibes and energy as high as possible, Libby Johnston is definitely a name worth remembering for the years ahead as well.

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