Luna Keller & Clouds And Thorns share new single 'Live It All'

After spending much of the last year delivering a string of bright and illuminating releases, German singer-songwriter Luna Keller keeps the vibes high once again as she delivers her captivating new single 'Live It All'.

Collaborating with US artist Clouds And Thorns', their first team up since 'Best Days' from earlier this year, 'Live It All' makes for a wonderfully bold and anthemic return for the pair. With its rich and soaring energy, vibrant atmosphere, and infectious vocal hooks layered from start to finish, she is returning to the fold with one of her most engaging efforts to date.

While there has hardly been a moment we haven't been completely besotted by her compelling aesthetic, 'Live It All' is a departure from her more subdued outings, highlighting some of her most euphoric songwriting so far. With such a thunderous presence threaded throughout, we'd love to see where she takes her distinctive sound from here.

Have a listen to 'Live It All' in the player below.