Metallica - '72 Seasons'


The legacy of Metallica's presence on popular music is a long and winding road, filled with turbulence and upheaval. While their work in the 80s certainly cemented them as one of the titans of the alt-rock and metal genres, the 90s saw them develop a more pensive direction as both their fans and themselves grew older in a scene that was beginning to lose interest in their original sound. And by the 2000s, Metallica had almost completely lost track of who they were and what they should sound like. But now they have taken a retrospective look at themselves for their eleventh studio album '72 Seasons', a record that looks to revive that original passion.

The title '72 Seasons' is a reference to the first 18 years of ones life, the time in which your opinions and identity begin to fully form, and it was that era that the four-piece was looking to head back to on this new collection. While they are obviously not the same young men they once were, '72 Seasons' makes a strong case for their revival once again. Not since their 1997 LP 'Reload' have they been in such ferocious spirits, throwing away their more atmospheric nature in exchange for an unbridled powerhouse of thunderous riffs and explosive energy throughout.

While it may have an almost throwaway sound that doesn't leave much of a lasting impact, '72 Seasons' is still an incredibly fun listening experience. If you are one of those Metallica fans that still prefers to relive 'Master Of Puppets' or 'Ride The Lightning' instead of their newer material, then this full-length will certainly instil your faith in them once again.

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