Mighloe - 'Desperate Times'


Having spent the last few years building and cultivating her sound, as well as bringing in a huge amount of support for last year's collection 'Pretty', Canadian artist Mighloe has been firmly rooted as one of the more confident and adventurous names emerging on the RnB circuit. With a distinct and uplifting flair for ethereal compositions and glittering soundscapes, the frontwoman has been turning some serious heads these past few months with a flurry of enticing new offerings. Now still in the peak of her buzz, she delivers her third EP 'Desperate Times', a release that looks to mirror the emotions many of us have felt this past year.

From the start, 'Desperate Times' sets itself a smooth and heartfelt release. While her preview singles showed us a more driven and shimmering intention, this new collection showcases a far more diverse aesthetic, allowing her to stretch her creative wings and unveil a broad mixture of solemn ballads and soul-enriched croons in equal measure. This wonderfully eclectic direction is what gives 'Desperate Times' its focal intention. While these last few months have been testing our patience, she is managing the channel almost minute emotion we are all feeling, creating an inviting release throughout.

While there is nothing particularly groundbreaking about her sound, what Mighloe does, she does with exceptional quality. There is this clean and consistent feel to almost everything on here, which not only shows us more of her passionate persona, but creates a succinct and cohesive collection with all the hallmarks of an artist worth taking note of.

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