Monster Florence announce new album 'Master System'

Following on from the release of their highly-praised EP 'Cowboys & Idiots' in 2020, Monster Florence have now announced their plans for a new studio album, arriving early next year.

The new full-length 'Master System' will include the previously shared John Cooper Clarke collaboration 'Relax', and 'Borstal', is being previewed by the new lead single 'Midnight Club', and is set to be released on the 10th February via Project Melody Music.

Speaking about the new album, they said, "The quick rise of the digital age has opened a sort of Pandora's box. Some innovations are designed to connect and enhance our lives, and others are a mockery of life itself. We hang digital art on digital walls to impress digital friends, and meanwhile the world burns.

"Master System delves into the future effects of technology on the world by reaching to the past. Movies like Blade Runner and Total Recall were big inspirations. They imagined a retrofitted vision of the future; one where high-tech flying cars operate over a decayed industrial landscape. That's something we tried to do with the sound of the album. We have distorted synths woven into full string sections. There are ghostly operatic vocals and saxophones beside robotic vocoders. It’s the idea that the future isn't sterile and gleaming, but an accumulation of everything that came before.

"Lyrically there is religious symbolism, epistemology and heartbreak. It's a twisted love letter to our society and culture. The western world inches ever closer to an inherently digital existence, and the Master System is our idea of that eventuality. What does the human experience look like when completely disconnected from the earth?"

Have a listen to 'Midnight Club' in the player and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Master System' Tracklist:
1. Widow
2. Bad Graphics
3. Borstal
4. Lag
5. Relax Featuring John Cooper Clarke
6. Somewhere (Interlude)
7. Spaceman
8. If Dreams Could Be Sold (Interlude)
9. Midnight Club
10. Jiggy Jiggy Featuring Dame
11. Tin Foil Girl
12. Wolf In A Woolly Hat
13. Do The Birds Still Sing In Hell? Featuring Louis The Hippie

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