Mount Kimbie - 'The Sunset Violent'


Throughout the 2010s, Mount Kimbie cemented themselves as one of the more progressive names on the electronic circuit. Arriving on the scene during the post-dubstep era, their sound was always looking to move the momentum away from more conventional aesthetics in pursuit of discovering something new. And with these last few years spent working and collaborating with a host of other well-known names in their field, they are back together again to release their long-awaited new studio album 'The Sunset Violent', their first in seven years.

Much like what their side projects and smaller releases have delivered in recent years, 'The Sunset Violent' aims to reestablish Mount Kimbie as a more atmospheric and ethereal addition to the 2024 arena. Patching together a rich and technicolour approach to production that blends live instrumentation with a more subtle electronic appeal throughout, their newest collection feels like the beginning of something more-evolved for the duo as they look to rekindle their magic from start to finish.

It may not have the same initial impact some of their older works have delivered, but 'The Sunset Violent' still makes for a wildly enjoyable listen. Brimming with an inventive and adventurous spirit at every turn, fans of the pair will no doubt find something to admire here.

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