Kristin Eley - 'Soothe (Little Yellow Room)'

US singer-songwriter brings the same lofty vibes as The Staves to her latest acoustic-led serenade

Ariane - 'Sweatshirt'

French-American frontwoman takes her cues from Banks with this thunderous alt-pop stomper

RINNGS - 'It's Coming Back'

London-based duo follow up their latest EP with this pulsing and emotional electro-pop gem

The Balcony - 'By The Hand'

British outfit bring the same tenacious energy as You Me At Six to their latest pop-rock stunner

Dan Edmonds - 'Another Try'

Canadian frontman previews his new EP with this smooth and sensual dream-pop delight, with shades of Ariel Pink

Carrie Able - 'Stranger'

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter unveils a woozy and warm acoustic-led serenade, with shades of Patti Smith

Gizmo Varillas - 'Saving Grace' ft. Tony Allen

Spanish singer-songwriter collaborates with legendary Fela Kuti drummer on this sweeping new release

Chelsea Rose - 'Eyes'

US frontwoman brings a Tarantino-esque vibe to this smooth and seductive new groove

PBDY - 'Tears Or Rain' ft. Samuel T. Herring

LA-based producer previews his debut album with this bold and atmospheric new release

Napoleon Gold - 'Love Don't Cut Me Down'

Belgian outfit return with a bold and blissful electro-pop jam, with hints of Chromatics

Tall Heights - 'Keeps Me Light'

US singer-songwriters deliver a wonderfully warm and sweeping acoustic-led swoon, with shades of Bon Iver

The Whole Bolivian Army - 'Life On Fire'

US outfit take us back the early Britpop days with this Stone Roses-inspired belter

Scotch Mist - 'Mariposa'

US outfit brings a soft and Latin-inspired vibe to their latest laid-back indie-pop delight

Me & The Monster - 'Give Me Fire'

German outfit take their cues from Aurora with this broad and progressive alt-pop stomper

Kyson - 'The Boy'

Australian frontman previews his next album with this bright and euphoric alt-pop swoon

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