Zhao - 'Feeling Today'

US producer infuses his ethereal sound with hints of disco for this groove-filled new jam

Wanderwild - 'Platinum'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of The Strokes for this uplifting indie-rock groove

Daria Black - 'Not That Girl'

US frontwoman previews her new EP with this dark yet upbeat electro-pop stomper, with nods to AURORA

Darius Christian - 'Long Ride Home'

US frontman delivers a wonderfully rich and ethereal RnB groove, with hints of Sampha

Sahara Grim - 'Wavelengths'

US frontwoman channels the woozy soul-filled sound of Kali Uchis for this groovy new release

Walker Landing - 'Howl'

US producer showcases his latest album with this pulsing and experimental RnB-inspired groove

Proper Man - 'Kleptomaniac'

Canadian outfit bring the same energy as Hurts to their latest electro-rock belter

Clayton Francis - 'You're The One (That Got Away)'

Australian frontman introduces himself with this warm and sultry RnB-inspired debut

Pink Milk - 'Heart Of Fire'

Swedish outfit take influence from the darker side of post-punk with this broody new swoon

The Ten Pound Factor - 'Our Philosophy'

US outfit bring the same woozy atmosphere as Mac DeMarco to their latest psych-rock delight

Derek Eyden - 'On the Outside'

South African singer-songwriter takes inspiration from The Cure for this wistful yet energetic new jam

Banfi - 'The Furniture Song'

British outfit add a touch of funk to their usual indie-rock sound for this fun-filled new bopper

Mama Jefferson - 'Banana White House'

Swiss frontwoman brings the same high energy as Charli XCX to this thunderous indie-rock stomper

Daniel Avery - 'Under The Tallest Arch'

British producer previews his new b-sides EP with this bold and experimental techno thumper

Paris Love-Child - 'Don't Leave It Alone'

British frontwoman experiments with a techno sound for this Kelis-inspired stomper

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