The Rogue Network - 'This Is Reality'

UK blues-rock outfit share a fuzzy and head-rocking new release

Conversing With Oceans - 'Courage (Part 2)'

US frontman delivers a euphoric pop-rock release with hints of Imagine Dragons

JNNA - 'Feel So Alone'

US frontwoman brings an electro-pop twist to this soulful ballad

STITCH - 'Not One To Say'

UK electro-pop trio return with another beautifully serene ethereal release

The Moody Tulips - 'Too Far'

Toronto-based outfit deliver a brilliantly catchy lo-fi single, with nods to Mac DeMarco

Given Names - 'East To West'

US electro-pop duo deliver a brooding yet anthemic new single, with nods to London Grammar

Gold Fir - 'Sirens'

British outfit take their production cues from Pharrell Williams on this funky new release

dreambeaches - 'Athena'

US outfit channel the irreverent sounds of Grizzly Bear on their latest single

Bliss Nova - 'Now'

US psych-rock outfit take their cues from Tame Impala on this swooning new release

Mangled Jangles - 'Fake It'

US frontman takes on a laid-back direction with this catchy little toe-tapper

Deep Down Yonder - 'Strange Pilgrims'

Canadian multi-instrumentalist gets his funk on with this jaggly, banjo-led disco stomper

NOK - 'Freedom'

US frontman cracks out the brass for this anthemic soul-rap hybrid

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