Tim Johnson - 'Not Today'

Montreal-based frontman shares a galloping acoustic release with hints of classic rock influences

Chris Ayer - 'Heavy'

US frontman delivers a loveably catchy pop stomper

Speak, Brother - 'Lions Roar'

British indie-rock outfit rekindle the sound of Of Monsters And Men on this galloping new release

Alina Libkind - 'Connection'

Toronto-based frontwoman delivers a glossy and upbeat electro-pop ditty

Tina Mathieu - 'Ring Off'

US vocalist delivers a beautifully bliss ballad with nods to Jessie Ware

Small Planets - 'Drowning'

US outfit take their cues from The Cure on this rip-rolling new release

Haulm - 'Settle'

New York-based duo deliver a wonderful bliss single with hints of Massive Attack

Automatic Weapons - 'Antenna'

US electro-rock outfit bring a similar sound as M83 to their latest single

Deion - 'Hold On'

US frontman brings a sense of laid-back soul to his latest hip-hop inspired release

Paul Cherry - 'Like Yesterday'

US frontman takes the soul of Ariel Pink and adds his own twist to it

FXRRVST - 'Tidal Wave'

Toronto-based outfit bring the same energy as Paramore to their latest single

Lucille Furs - 'Pink Noise'

US outfit add a psychedelic edge to their indie-rock direction for their latest single

Pussy Riot - 'Police State'

Russia's most notorious band take a more commercial direction for their latest release

Brave Baby - 'Soothsayer'

US indie-pop outfit deliver a laid-back and soul-filled release with hints of Chromeo

Paul Loren - 'I Know A Place'

New york-based frontman takes us back to the classic soul era with this heartfelt croon

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