Christen Kwame - 'Heartache'

British singer-songwriter returns with another warm and uplifting acoustic-led serenade

Chali 2na - 'Change The World'

Jurassic 5 MC returns with another bold and bouncing hip-hop jam

Charlie Hole - 'The City'

London-based frontman previews his new album with this romantic ode to his new hometown

Kanoo - 'Machine Without Horses'

London-based outfit take their cues from Mogwai on this serene post-rock swoon

Clay Dub - 'Best Friend'

US rapper takes us back to the retro sound of hip-hop with this head-nodding jam

The Rifle - 'Kill Your Darlings'

US outfit channel the woozy indie-rock sound of Best Coast on this DIY-inspired release

NVDES - 'Mind Body Soul Music'

LA-based producer previews his debut album with this rave-inspired, soul-filled banger

Aruba Red - 'Goddess Vibes'

British frontwoman previews her new EP with this swooning Major Lazer-inspired belter

Saw Tooth Wave - 'Slow Burn'

LA-based frontman channels a pop-punk vibe for his latest energetic single

Emily Jackson - 'Oh Mother'

US frontwoman returns from a 10-year break with this beautifully soaring swoon

LOLÉ - 'Thoughts Of Us'

British frontwoman blends smooth soul with bold production on this atmospheric new jam

Daniel Brandt - 'Sailboats III'

German producer follows in the footsteps of Jon Hopkins with this warped electronic delight

Hunter & The Bear - 'Chemical'

British outfit return with another anthemic indie-rock stomper, with nods to Twin Atlantic

Peter Bjorn & John - 'Gut Feeling'

Swedish trio preview their new album with this glorious psych-pop delight

U N C L E B O Y - 'Eye Roll Regularity'

British producer channels the warped sound of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs on this jolty electronic swoon

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