Paramore - 'This Is Why'


If there is any act in the world that proves that ageing gracefully can be achieved to great acclaim, it is Paramore. While the band may have started out as one of the more raucous names on the fledgling pop-punk scene at the time, this past decade has seen them completely reinvent themselves into something both their older and newer fans can appreciate. And now six years after the release of their brilliant 2017 LP 'After Laughter', they return with their sixth studio album 'This Is Why', a record that looks to continue their progressive streak.

To hardcore fans of their work these last few years, the generally more groove-filled elements of 'This Is Why' will come as no surprise. With their last two full-lengths heavily dabbling in a more refined space and frontwoman Hayley Williams rebranding herself entirely for her stunning 2020 solo LP 'Petals For Armor', their newest collection feels like their pursuit of more rounded and immersive offerings has reached its full completion. While it sometimes has trouble finding distinctive hooks to really stand out in their repertoire, it still makes for a brilliantly rousing listen.

Paramore have always been one of the more beloved names on the scene, and 'This Is Why' adds a whole new layer to their ever-evolving sound right now. Not exactly the rip-roaring, anthem-filled effort many would have hoped for, but still jam-packed with intrigue and ingenuity as often as possible.

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