Parquet Courts - 'Sympathy For Life'


Over the last few decades, New York has been seen as the epicentre of new music innovation throughout the world. The city regularly shifts and moves through a multitude of phases to give us all some of the most impactful names in music today, and now Parquet Courts seem to hold its current title as most influential outfit of the moment. And so after a string of impressive releases throughout the last ten years, they are back at it with their seventh studio album 'Sympathy For Life', a record that continues that bold and driven aesthetic they are known for.

The band's focus on the post-punk direction since their infancy has been widely praised over the years, but it feels like they are moving onto to something more artful on this new collection. From the very start, 'Sympathy For Life' marks itself as a rawer and more rustic offering in their catalogue, regularly switching the bolder moments for a more groove-laden approach. This focus on the atmospheric tones within their music leaves you feeling more enthralled on the eccentricities of their songwriting than anything else, delivering this wonderfully inventive and adventurous texture throughout.

Parquet Courts may have earned their place as New York's most exciting group of the moment, but 'Sympathy For Life' totally cements their legacy to date. With now seven full-lengths under their belt, they remain completely dedicated to their explorative craft and showcase some truly brilliant and distinctive works on here.

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