Prawn - 'Kingfisher'


The return of the phrase "emo" in current musical descriptions has been a nostalgic one to say the least. While many will instantly relate the term to guys with eyeliner and teenage emotions, there was a large populous of bands who predate the more common splice of the genre and were more about delivering the truly heartbreaking side of rock music. Bands like Brand New, Jimmy Eat World and Rival Schools all laid the foundation for the likes of Prawn to take the reins and bring that sound into the new millennium. Their latest offering 'Kingfisher' is a hybrid of emotionally engaging lyrics and full-throttle rock that proved such a winning combination for their influences and predecessors.

Hailing from New Jersey, the home of Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, and more recently Real Estate, that familiar east coast location has a rich history of producing artists that are more than just another flash in the pan but have actually got something to say and this comparison is no different when listening to a Prawn album. The 10-track release is full of nostalgic tales and lost loves that really bring you into the lives of the band and gives you an instantly identifiable rapport with them. They want you to really listen to their material and they make it so easy to do so by making such beautifully simple music that is just there to rock out to and sing along with.

Described as one of the most underrated bands in America, it is easy to make that connection as Prawn are simply wonderful musicians that have brought heart and soul back into contemporary rock music. 'Kingfisher' is a superb listen that should not, at any cost, be left to gather dust.

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