The Prodigy - 'The Day Is My Enemy'


It is far to say that a lot has changed in the world of electronic music since the last Prodigy album 'Invaders Must Die'. The rise and fall of dubstep as well as the international success of the EDM DJ has transformed the genre's landscape into a behemoth of modern rave culture and left acts like The Prodigy seen as inspirations rather than contemporary players in the game. But now with a new album set to bring them back to the world stage, how have they adapted their sound to fit this new zeitgeist?

The answer is not at all. 'The Day Is My Enemy' has taken that same formula of aggressive and ferocious dance music the band have been peddling in the latter half of their career and repackaged it for 2015. The outcome however does not seem as exciting or engaging as it has nearly always been in the past. Rather than build an album of instantly recognisable anthems, the record seems to all merge into one long industrial rhythm without any hint of a memorable riff anywhere within.

Despite its enjoyable and entertaining presence, its lack of recall once it is over is the main failure of this new full-length. All the tracks begin to sound the same and makes it hard to get through it one sitting. One or two highlights stand out from an initial listen but not enough diversity to be The Prodigy people will remember.

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