RageMD - 'Be Right There'


Over the last few years, Canadian-Tamil rapper RageMD has set himself up as one of the more progressive and innovative names doing the rounds. Blending a heady mix of classic and contemporary aesthetics, held together by his own immersive flow at every turn, his work to date has been a forward-thinking affair, always hunting for new and exciting avenues to explore. And after a prolific run throughout 2023, he now kicks off his new year with his latest EP 'Be Right There', a collection brimming with bright and euphoric textures.

Deeply inspired by his newborn son, 'Be Right There' sees him in a far more reflective light than most. While this new endeavour certainly packs a punch within its production and direction, its lyrical prowess stands as the hallmark of his newest outing. Overflowing with a warm and inviting tone that swells with passion as often as possible, he feels like an artist renewed here, ready to bring something even more adventurous than what we have heard before.

RageMD feels more like a poet than a rapper throughout 'Be Right There'. There are plenty of moments that not only highlight his drive and vigour here, but also showcase his more tender and personal side, giving his all to this new body of work.

The new EP 'Be Right There' will be available to stream from the 12th January.

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