Real Estate - 'Daniel'


As one of the more proficient names on the surf-rock scene throughout the 2010s, Real Estate quickly established a place for themselves to pursue more dreamlike and immersive textures in their later years. With a sound that is both hazy and progressive in equal measure, they have excited plenty with their rich and tantalising ideals, resulting in a beautifully well-conceived catalogue to date. And with now four years passed since their last outing, they return with their eagerly-awaited sixth studio album 'Daniel', a record that looks to continue those innovative pursuits.

From the very start, 'Daniel' comes across as a perfect Real Estate by numbers release. Keeping the atmosphere and production as light as possible as they look to serenade us with a compelling array of lighthearted gems, this new collection sees them explore more of that same captivating aesthetic we have always loved them for. While some may have hoped for a little progression from their previous material, given their extended absence from the new music scene, they have still managed to turn out a wonderfully alluring string of tracks here.

Fans of the older Real Estate will no doubt enjoy what 'Daniel' has to offer. While not much in the way of any standout classics to add to their repertoire, they have delivered a perfect remedy to these brisk and wintery days right now.

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