Red Hearse - 'Red Hearse'


Despite not being household names in their own right, the coming together of Jack Antonoff, Sam Dew and Sounwave is one of the most exciting new groups we have heard all year. Between the three of them, they have produced and written for the likes of Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Rihanna, showing that not only are they some of the most high-profile songwriters working today, but always posses a flair for bold and captivating production. So after a wave of interesting and genre-bending preview singles, we are now treated to their forward-thinking and diverse self-titled debut album.

Yet while they have all made their names as commercial songwriters, this new collection is a broad and alternative look into the world of pop music. Channeling the flow and rhythm of Antonoff's Bleachers project, the trio look to deliver one slice of uplifting and profound alt-pop after another. With each member contributing to the vocals and production of this new release, we are beginning to get an insight into how adventurous they are when it comes to creating new music, giving us a strong and finely-tuned record that breathes in versatility and irreverent aesthetics.

What makes the initial offering of Red Hearse so enticing is just how different yet familiar it sounds. While there are plenty of moments that fit that radio-friendly sound they are individually known for, there is still many occasions that will pique the interest of even the most commercially-evasive music fan, making this one of those rare albums that can be appreciated by almost anyone on the musical spectrum of taste.

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