Saint Saviour - 'Sunseeker'


Ever since she first emerged as a solo artist, Saint Saviour's Becky Jones has always looked to pursue a more tender avenue than most. With her spellbinding vocal performance the heart of everything she produces, she has been cultivating a beautifully alluring aesthetic for her this past decade, highlighted by some truly majestic offerings. And with a full four years since her last LP, she continues this adventurous guise once again on her fourth studio album 'Sunseeker', a record that harnesses more of that woozy nature.

Produced once again by Bill Ryder-Jones, who also lent his services to her sophomore outing 'In The Seams', her newest release seems perfectly timed for the outside atmosphere it is looking to soundtrack. With Spring in the air and the days getting brighter, 'Sunseeker' has this wonderfully uplifting presence to it as Jones delves deep within her aesthetic to reveal some brilliantly warm and inviting ideas at every turn.

While it may not have the same instant impact some of her previous efforts have managed, 'Sunseeker' still makes for a wildly enjoyable listen from start to finish. Building upon that progressive foundation ever further, she reemerges in fine form throughout.

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