SEØUEL - 'Prague'


Releasing a debut EP can always be a daunting experience for a young producer, especially when you've already managed to build a solid and loyal fanbase from the few tracks you have released. This is exactly what Edinburgh-based producer SEØUEL has been able to achieve in the last few months and with his first body of work in the shape of the 'Prague' EP ready to drop, will this newcomer manage to keep his following moving in an ever-growing trajectory?

Named 'Prague' after the producer visited the East European capital, the EP does come with a certain preconception of intercontinental influences within its sound. This is a totally justified intention as the five tracks on the release could have come straight from the halls of Berlin's ever-dominant techno scene, with its jarring high-end sounds and pulsating beats. Their mechanical style is far removed from the house-inspired sound of the current batch of other UK producers, allowing this EP to really stand out from the crowd of this nation and find itself rooted in the techno scene in the rest of the continent.

While you may expect it to be full of balls-to-the-wall floor fillers, the 'Prague' EP has a lot of ambience to it as well. Making it perfect for home listening as well as clubbing and inviting you to really get stuck in. A solid effort from this first-timer but maybe a little one-dimensional for my liking.

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