Seafret - 'Wonderland'


When Bridlington-based duo Seafret released their breakthrough debut LP 'Tell Me It's Real' in 2016, they were greeted as one of the more humbled yet exhilarating names on the rise at that time. Largely keeping to the outer peripheries of mainstream appeal, they developed a wonderfully embracing sound that served them well in the years ahead. But after a fluke viral moment that saw their 2015 single 'Atlantis' circulate wildly on TikTok last year, the pair have found themselves revived more than ever as they look to capitalise on this newfound appreciation with their third studio album 'Wonderland', a record that sees them pursue a more euphoric guise.

Throughout their tenure in recent years, Seafret were largely seen as a sweet and tender outfit that stuck mainly to warm and stripped-back aesthetics, but on 'Wonderland', they are branching further towards a pop sound than ever before. Blending their signature style with a bright and textured production this time around, the duo are looking to build upon their initial direction with a brilliantly glossy composition. It may seem like a strong veer away from their formative roots, but they still manage to find moments to offer up more of that shimmering ideal they first established themselves with.

It may not be the same Seafret that emerged all those years ago, but 'Wonderland' feels like a firm and confident step into the next phase of their musical evolution. Finding a series of bold and impactful ideas to fill this new collection shows they are still very much at their creative best as they head into this new era with style and finesse throughout.

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