Sleater-Kinney - 'Little Rope'


Following on from the release of their highly-praised 2021 LP 'Path Of Wellness', the future of Sleater-Kinney was thrown into doubt almost immediately. After more than 25 years of releasing music, it felt like the pair were almost ready to call it quits on their time together. But when the band's Carrie Brownstein lost her mother and stepfather in a car accident in late 2022, the need to process the grief was entirely necessary as they now return with their eleventh studio album 'Little Rope', a record that sees them work through those darkened emotions.

While still very much in the vein of seminal Sleater-Kinney material over the years, 'Little Rope's unmistakable dark cloud remains the focus of this new collection. Adopting a more aggressive and explosive energy than before, usually coupled with some beautifully tender lyrical moments as well, their newest outing is a raw and unbridled thrust towards the more impactful work over their tenure, even if it was conceived out of some of the worst moments of their lives.

Sleater-Kinney have always stood as one of the more innovative names on the alt-rock scene, and 'Little Rope' sees them continue that reputation in fine form once again. Even if this does finally call a halt to their glittering career to date, it'll be good to know that they went out with a truly remarkable release.

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