Slow Magic - 'How To Run Away'


For years now, producer Slow Magic has been honing his craft as one of the most forward-thinking beatmakers in the world. His take on the ethereal side to electronic music, mixed with uplifting and high-power synths has given the musician an instantly recognisable sound and gathered a loyal fanbase across the globe. Now with his new album 'How To Run Away' about to drop, he has stretched his sound throughout this 10-track record and created an incredibly well-conceived body of work.

'How To Run Away' is for the most part a Slow-Magic-by-numbers release. There isn't much here that is going to surprise you but what it lacks in diversity, it makes up with a solid foundation and direction that never falters throughout this new full-length. It has a unwavered level of quality that highlights the professionalism and attention to details this producer has over his music and gives the impression of someone who has painstakingly gone over every detail of this record to ensure it is perfect. Its atmospheric approach and sometimes haunting sounds are just the tip of what Slow Magic has done on this album, as you can hear almost every eccentricity under every beat.

It is certainly a very accomplished piece of work from a producer who knows what he wants and how he wants to make it, but with such a focus on his niche, the lack of variety does slow the album's pace and leave you a little underwhelmed by the end.

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