Tennis - 'Pollen'


Over the last decade, husband-and-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley have used their Tennis project to deliver a more heightened and effervescent approach to the indie-pop sound. But since breaking away from conventional record labels to become self-releasing with their fourth full-length 'Yours Conditionally' in 2017, we have begun to see a more easygoing and progressive angle to their sound. Now they return with their sixth studio album 'Pollen', a record that looks to continue that vibrant ascent throughout.

Throughout this new collection, 'Pollen' has this relatively smooth and progressive nature to it. While socially they are still very much in the same vein they have occupied since they first begun, there are plenty of warm and inviting moments laced amongst this new effort, delivering a beautifully endearing listen. While some of the cuts aren't quite as impactful as others, they all play a vital part in conjuring this sweet and alluring tapestry, which has quickly become the pair's calling card on more recent outings.

While it is one of their safer releases in recent years, 'Pollen' still manages to unveil another heady dose of rich and shimmering textures throughout. A calm and tender delight that will wash over you and leave you feeling renewed from start to finish.

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