Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - 'Hypnotic Eye'


Since the mid 70s, Tom Petty has remained a staple figurehead of the American rock scene. Taking the concept of well-meaning lyrics and attaching them to passionate guitar riffs has allowed the frontman to produce captivating music with a strong message for the past forty years. Now Tom Petty, and subsequently his band The Heartbreakers, are looking to introduce themselves to a new decade of music fans and have armed themselves with some brilliant traditional rock music once again.

While the band have managed a string of major hits throughout all of their career, they have never been the type to fall back on past achievements as 'Hypnotic Eye' demonstrates perfectly. The sixteenth album of their career is a varied and apt example of what a band of this talent is capable of, as they continue to produce some incredibly catchy songs, all helmed comfortably with Petty's ever-evolving vocal performance. While this new material probably sits more comfortably as a country rock album, it doesn't pigeonhole itself into any particular sub-genre as they look to create an eclectic collection of traditional American rock anthems with a modern twist.

It is certainly enjoyable to hear a band that hasn't chosen to rest on their morals or break into a new direction in order to stay relevant. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers have always managed to produce music that reflects their own personal taste and in turn, conceived a timeless sound that still stands up today.

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