TORRES - 'What an enormous room'


Throughout the past decade, US artist TORRES has been seen as one of the more adventurous names on the fledgling indie-rock scene. With a flurry of broad and dynamic releases under her belt over the last few years, she has been going through a progressive period of growth and evolution of late, branching her creative wings ever wider in pursuit of new and interesting ideas. And with her previous outing 'Thirstier' continued that innovative ascent, she returns with her sixth studio album 'What an enormous room', a record brimming with impactful energy once again.

While she first emerged as a more traditional artist, exploring more conventional textures, 'What an enormous room' builds upon this bold and experimental venture she has been known for recently. Blending her more familiar guise with a fresh and explorative look towards its production, her latest collection is a wonderfully bright and immersive listen that sees her shining as one of the more fascinating names doing the rounds today.

These last few years have certainly been a turning point within her sound and career, but 'What an enormous room' shows that she is still finding and developing new avenues in which to cultivate. Moving and ambitious in equal measure, she returns to the fold with one of her most passionate offerings to date here.

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