Vundabar - 'Vundabar'


While Boston-based three-piece Vundabar have become a cult name over in the States, we've barely heard anything about them on these shores. After releasing a debut album and embarking on a number of tours around their home country, the irreverent trio have sent their latest material far and wide in order to grow their popularity throughout the world. And it seems that from this five-track EP, they are really looking to impress.

Their latest self-titled effort is a varied mix of all kinds of influences and inspirations. While they have previously been compared to the likes of Pixies and Weezer, this new work seems to be cut from the same vein as more contemporary acts like Bombay Bicycle Club and King Charles. Their blend of surf-rock and grunge, occasionally broken up with the odd classic rock riff, seems to fit them well as they attempt to become more than just a copycat band but are looking to find their own sound.

And while bands that like to shake up their style on new records can aid the pace of the record, there seems to be a little too much going on here to really allow you to get stuck in. It is still an enjoyable EP, but lacks that special spark that will leave you humming it once it's over.

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