We Are Scientists - 'Lobes'


Despite arriving during the heady explosion of indie-rock outfits in 2005 with their stunning debut LP 'With Love And Squalor', We Are Scientists are one of the few names from that era to have survived this long. While many in their field weren't up to the task of longevity, the New York duo have been fairly consistent with their output ever since, maintaining a strong confidence around themselves in recent years. And after their mid-pandemic full-length 'Huffy' continued that trend, they are back once again with their eighth studio album 'Lobes', a record that delivers exactly what we hoped for.

Having been going nearly twenty years now, We Are Scientists have fallen fairly comfortably into a guise that fits them to a tee and aren't looking to break away from that ideal anytime soon. But while 'Lobes' isn't the bold and adventurous release many others attempt at this point in their careers, it has a strong and solid base that often intrigues and always works. There is a focused formula running throughout their material at this stage, keeping the surprise minimal, but delivering the same bright and lofty indie-pop we were hoping to hear once again.

We Are Scientists aren't going to change their ways and we probably wouldn't want them to either. 'Lobes' sits as another fresh and enjoyable romp into their fun and upbeat aesthetic, and keeps the momentum behind their legacy moving forward throughout. A joyous return from one of their scene's most beloved groups.

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