Will Butler - 'Policy'


While he not the first member of Arcade Fire to release a solo album, he is certainly looking to step away from shadow of that band with his debut full-length. We first heard Butler's individual talent when his collaboration with Owen Pallett for the film 'Her' earned him an Oscar nomination. But now taking the plunge by starting his solo career with a full studio release, we are seeing that his songwriting preferences are not what Arcade Fire fans may be expecting.

'Policy' is an erratically diverse studio album that sees Butler play around with multiple influences and inspirations. While we have always known him to be a talented instrumentalist, and it is that talent that shines through on the record's musicianship, the album's musical approach is filled with so many different ideas and directions, it is sometimes hard to keep track of them. But it is this diversity that keeps the release interesting and ultimately, showcases exactly what kind of musician Butler is.

It may not fit in with the fairly purposed sound of Arcade Fire but certainly has its enjoyable moments. Will Butler has clearly been quashed in that band for the last decade and this is his moment to show exactly who he is and what he can create.

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