Wire - 'Silver/Lead'


Despite celebrating their 40th year as a band in 2017, post-punk legends Wire have found themselves just as prolific as they were in their formative years. Returning after just under a year since their last studio full-length 'Nocturnal Koreans', the band have attempted to create a more forward-thinking release this time round in order to create a deliberate contradiction to the anniversary they are currently having.

Rather than opt for a sound that looks back over the many decades, 'Silver/Lead' has no interest in nostalgia but aims to see the band branch off and explore new ideas as a sort of reinvention. And while it clear that the band are currently embarking on a evolution, there is still plenty of the old Wire left knocking around on this release. Whether it be their brooding disposition or intense form of songwriting, this release seems to switch focus between their tried-and-tested sound and something more exciting for them to try.

The result is obviously a mixed bag of influences that most of the time pay off in spades. And while it seems that the band are now gunning to produce more music every few months, it shouldn't be long before we hear yet another step in their musical explorations.

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