Yak - 'Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness'


After the release of their incredible debut album 'Alas Salvation' back in 2015, all things seemed to be looking good for Yak. But in typical music industry fashion, we know that simply being good isn't enough to prolong a career as frontman Oli Burslem explained during the run up to this new release. Left living in his car at points and having battles to control his own mental health, the singer has thrown all he has into this new full-length, returning to fulfil some kind of personal accomplishment and not let the world around him drag the band down. As a result, they have returned with a turbulent and raucous sophomore LP in the form of 'Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness'.

Much like the debut LP, this new collection continues on that uncompromising intention they have always maintained. Filled with clattering guitars and fuzzy vocals, the intent of this new album remains largely the same but with a more personal edge this time around. The last three years have clearly been more than tough for the trio, and that energy and frustration has been channelled into this record with sheer gusto. The poetic yet furious lyrics of Burslem quickly become the focus of this release throughout, and aid in giving the songs a level of passion we don't recall on their debut.

It may have been born from sympathetically horrible circumstances, but if the band were ever to give their last shot in this game, 'Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness' would be the kind of record to do it with. The level of attention to this album is unquestionable from the start, and shows a great level of maturity and evolution of sound as it plays.

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