Zero 7 - 'Simple Science'


For a while, it seemed like we had heard the last of Zero 7. The legendary electronic pairing of Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker released their last studio album 'Yeah Ghost' back in 2009 and subsequently released a "best of" compilation a year later, an obvious indicator of a group summing up their illustrious career. But it looks like the producers are back to their old tricks with their latest release 'Simple Science', a four-track EP that rekindles that signature sound of experimental electronics and high-paced energy.

Despite only four tracks long, this new EP clocks in with over half an hour's worth of music that creates a journey of exploration most just can't imagine. While its no surprise that Zero 7 would produce a bunch of seven-minute tracks for this new release, it's the flawless approach they have that keeps them so engaging throughout. Each production is full of new ideas and their expertise allows the two to execute them with sheer vigour and aplomb. Opting for a more upbeat sound of this new EP, Zero 7 have created one of the most blissful short releases we have heard so far this year.

While it looks this we are far from seeing the end of them yet, the attitude and feeling of this new record is one of optimism and revival. It's got a contemporary feel but does't lose sight of their roots, and proves that when it comes to electronic music, these guys still hold their place among the best.

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